Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here she is after a little Hiccup along the way. She is home! So beautiful, so fun, we love her so much we can't put her down - not even to brag I mean blog about her... okay well my friends gave me a sling so I am actually holding her and blogging - but it took me this long to figure out I could do both:)

Hailee was born at 12:14 AM Sunday Feb. 6Th. She came a bit early. I was a little over 37 weeks and had been contracting for weeks. I was scheduled to be induced on 2.11.2011 but Hailee had her own plans. I went into labor on my own (I think my body & mind :( had just had it being pregnant for so long). She was a welcomed sight - looked great off the bat and melted my heart as she was layed on my stomach and immediately grabbed my finger so tight - to feel life in her - ahhhhh the best!!!

She weighed in at 6 lbs 15 oz. 21 inches long - our smallest yet but soon to prove she was strong.

We kept her with us for about 3 hours then they took her to the nursery to do her vitals/bath etc. While she was there they noticed her oxygen levels were not quite where they should be and took her down to the NICU where her chest was x-rayed and found to have symptoms consist ant with pneumonia - or possibly underdeveloped lungs. So she went from looking like this...

To this

To this

and finally to THIS :)!!!!!!

A ROOM WITH A VIEW (From the outside looking in)
One of the saddest parts of Hailee beinging the NICU was not being able to have our kids see her and hold her, while visiting with her my dad noticed the window in Hailee's room, he asked the nurse where the stairs leading to it were located. She told him and and they arranged for the kids to come to the window and we held Hailee up. Hailee's nurse Tiffany was so awesome - she spent lots of time unhooking and untangeling tubes, machines and chords to get Hailee right up to the window so her siblings could see their long awaited baby. They were so cute - that image of their faces looking in will ever be eched in my memory. Come to find out that is the only window in the entire NICU where you can get to look in. We know that was a blessing from Heaven.

Here are somethings we did to include the kids. We had them each pick out a book we would take to the hospital and read to Hailee. They were always anxious to see how she like them.

Here is some art work/ Valentines the kids made for her - as well as cute art from her awesome nurses. The greatest part of being in the NICU (if you can even imagine there is a great part....) was to get to know the amazing nurses. I have such a better appreciation for what they do (Emily and Jenn you are more amazing then I ever knew). So to Tiffany, Amy, Colette, Whitney, Shamar, Tia and Cindy and many many more We love you so much!!! Thanks for loving our Hailee. It was bitter sweet leaving for me, I wish I could have brought them all home with us!!!

A special Valentine - We got to bring her home on valentines day - a day we will never forget. It felt so great leaving the hospital all together and bringing her home!

Meeting Baby Sister

6 of 7 Clarks

Going HOME!!!!!

Smittin! He thought he wanted a brother, but he's in love! Proof was the next day when he came home from school and held Hailee before playing the wii - he usually doesn't even pee before that.



Her boyfriends minus one

Watching over....

Home just in time for our traditional 1st Valentine Cupid Photo Shoot! Sure glad she didn't have any tubes.... she was our smallest/youngest cupid yet. Can't help but think of what Nathan cupid would have looked like this day (it would have been his 1st valentines also) he would have definantly been the biggeset!

We were all sure struck with her arrows this day and for the rest of them to come.
WE LOVE YOU HAILEE!!!!! So glad you are home safe.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

TuTu Day 2.2.11

Wouldn't be complete without cupcakes! Cute tutu cupcakes inspired by.......Jimmy (ok so he figured out what candy to use - he's a sugar expert - I did the design)

We doubled our "tutu"er's this year. So much fun. I'm sure we'll have more takers next year. I was reading last year's 2.2. day post and realized I was "too too" pregnant again this year. Looking forward to next year 2.2. day - pretty sure that I might just might even be able to sport a tutu myself - lets hope so....

We had a fun day with coloring tutu's, dancing in our tutu's and of course eating tutu's.

Our TuTu Cute TuTu Stars. Can't wait for next year! Thanks girls (and thanks for Grandma & Jenn for supervising me while my baby was participating in her own way... stay tuned for her arrival - any day now)!!!

Brilliant FHE - If I do say so myself

I don't know where this idea came from, but I think every pregnant mom should try this with their families. For family night on Jan. 24th I had each family member stuff a basketball under their shirts. Then I asked them to do jobs around the house. The girls were asked to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer, Cam had to clean the bathroom floor and put Abbi's shoes on, Kaitlyn had to lay in my bed and then when prompted by Cam come "tuck him into bed", Jimmy even had the joy of taking Kate to the bathroom and then putting her in her p.j's while trying not to trip over Abbi. It was priceless. There were lots of moans and asking to remove the balls from their shirts. Jimmy told them they could when I could and they looked a bit scared. All in all I think the point got acrossed and I have received much more willing help lately. When I ask them to do jobs now they ask if they have to do it with the ball and when I say no, they are so happy they do the job without complaining. Bytheway - I think Kaitlyn might need to adopt in the future - she couldn't quite cut it....

"Just like MOM"

Doin Laundry

Kaitlyn's Aching Back

Getting Cam "comfortable"

Cam putting on Abbi's shoes

Sunday, January 23, 2011


As a New Year's Resolution we have made it a point to catch up on our blog - more for our families records, but also for any friends and family that haven't given up on us. We have multiple posts as we have summed up each month with a little blip and a photo collage. You are welcome to double click on the collages to see the pictures in detail. We are now up to date and look forward to posts in the near future as Tu Tu (2.2) day is approaching along with the due date of our baby girl!!! Please stay tuned......


Click on the link above to read our Christmas Letter. We love being able to exchange Christmas Cards with many of you but know that we do not have everyone's addresses - so to catch up on our year read if you wish.


THANKS SANTA!!! Wow. Santa comes through once again. He must have had help from our new friend ELLFFEE - The elf on the shelf we received from the North Pole early in Dec. (highly recommended by the way). The girls got their "girl barbies" and a barbie house and Cam got his Jazz shirt and his wii wishes - along with lots of other things from Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma's. Thanks for all the goods! Sure missed leaving a pile of gifts for Nathan :( but felt very blessed through out the year as we felt the love of the Lord.


Victory! We had a great start to our November with my dad winning his "sign race" as Kate called it. It was fun to be involved as a family and see all the support from so many friends. We know he'll do a great job in his new job. Then there was the annual Turkey Bowling on Thanksgiving. Oh what fun!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Kaitlyn turns 4! She has been loving Belle until about a week before her birthday and then decided she liked Ariel better, but too late I had already been studying up on Beauty and the Beast and lucky for me she loved her cake and gifts from everyone. Something else exciting that happened this month was Jimmy had the opportunity through Zions, to play basketball at the Energy Solutions Arena. Not only did he get to play ball there but Jerry Sloan was his team's coach. It was pretty awesome - he played well and his team won each game and was given a trophy at the end. He enjoyed being on the court, meeting all the coaches and visiting the locker rooms. However, I think the biggest excitement was sharing it with Cam. Those sports fans later went on to attend a BYU game with Cam's cousin Brock and Jimmy's Mom. They had a great time and were able to cheer them on to a victory.

HALLOWEEN FUN. Last year we didn't do themed costumes for Grandma Heidi's - I mean Mrs. Potato Head's party and decided it was more fun when we did. So this year after reading lots of Bernstein Bear books we went as Papa, Momma, Brother, Sister and Honey Bear. Of course the kids got to be what they really wanted on Halloween - they were troopers. Richie and Suzie didn't disappoint this year as they came as characters from Up! Hilarious! For the schools and trick-or-treating we had a Bears Football Player, one of the 12 Dancing Princesses, and a Care Bear. Lots of fun. There was also soccer games and getting ready for the election - even Nathan had a preference....

SEPTEMBER starts again. Much better luck with first grade for Cam and we all knew Kate would love preschool! The annual Labor Day Olympics at Grandma Heidi's was as fun as always. We even had festive cupcakes for the occasion. More cupcakes were made for our friend Taylor as she turned 7. We love Tay! And proof that our flowers survived the summer yeah!


BEAR LAKE!!!!! We took a fun little weekend to Bear Lake with my fam. We had fun in the sand, on uncle Jeff's boat and on jet ski's - which Cameron loved as long as he got to drive and no one went faster then they would go on their own without pushing the gas - Oh Cam!! We also realized we needed to get out more as I was trying to explain to Cam that he could just go to the bathroom in the water. He went out far enough and then proceeded to pull down his shorts (not necessary) and giving everyone coming back on a boat a real show.


July was field with lots of fun with breakfast in the canyons for the 4th, sleepover with cousins, swimming, celebrating a friends 30th, a "sleepout" in the backyard (ya I know we really know how to rough it), a photo shoot infront of some sunflowers planted in honor of Nathan, running through the sprinklers in a snow hat? - because the water was cold...?, and discovering mom's point shoes. The most exciting news this month was finding out we are pregnant again! Scary but very Grateful!!!!


Abbi turned 2 this month. We celebrated by going to the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa. Riding the train was a hit and Abbi let us know when she was done by just laying down next to the kangaroo's. She was spoiled with a new bike and playhouse and many other gifts and we enjoyed some "little bug" cupcakes. For Father's Day this year Kaitlyn was set on getting her dad a big cookie she saw at the mall in Mrs. Fields window. I had thought she forgot about it but was wrong as at 8pm Father's Day eve she remembered and we did the best we could to make our own. Not bad? Ended the month with a trip to Lagoon - a first for our kids and for sure not the last. They loved it - especially Kate who went on anything and everything she was tall enough for and loved it all.


This month brought us a "magic birthday" with Cam turning six on the sixth. Playing at the park again and of course baseball every chance we got. Saying good bye to Kindergarten and Mrs. Harrie by making cute apple cupcakes, and visiting the new headstone of Nathan J on Memorial Day. The words "set in stone" were all the more heart wrenching as it made the passing of our Nathan very real. We were pleased with how it turned out and are happy we have a special place to visit.